Fourth of July 2017 Style Guide by Apparel Hotline

The heat wave that is summer 2017 is just about upon us. Those Fourth Of July party invites are going to start flooding in -- whether you're ready or not. But, patriotism isn't complicated, it just means finding a conversation piece to wear, proudly. 

So, pop open a cold one and enjoy this thoughtfully created style guide that you'll want to email to a friend.

Red White & BOUJEE Tank

For those that are one part patriotic, one party boujee. *adds to cart*

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Star Spangled Hammered Tank

So you're not afraid to be the "overly-hydrated" member of the party. In fact, you'd like to advertise it, so there's absolutely no confusion.


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Red White & Booze Tank

Roses are red, your dance moves are white -- the only blue you need is the Budlight can in your hand. That didn't rhyme and it doesn't have to because, beer.


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USA Drinking Team Tank

Good news! These exist for those that enjoy beating the competition in every area of their life, especially when it comes to attributing their alcohol consuming abilities to deeply rooted patriotism. The even better news? You can get his & hers. 



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Merica AF Tank

Ah, the classic and timeless "merica af" phrase. This tank will undoubtedly be passed down from generation to generation, sharing the common thread of American pride. 

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